International Trumpet Soloist and trumpet teacher at the Higher School of Music of the Basque country “Musikene” in San Sebastián (Spain)

He was born in Silla, Valencia, and started his trumpet studies at the municipal school of music, with Manolo Campos and Eduardo Tarín. He completed his studies in the Valencia Higher Conservatory with Leopoldo Vidal, and had the opportunity to study with Pierre Thibaud in Paris and Bo Nilsson in Sweeden.

In 1989, he joined the Balearic Symphony Orchestra “Ciutat de Palma”  and became teacher of the Palma de Mallorca Professional Conservatory, where he worked until 1994. Between 1994 and 2005 he was soloist trumpet at the Madrid Symphony Orchestra and, from 2004 to 2011, he teached at the Liceu Music Higher Conservatory in Barcelona.

He is often invited to collaborate in courses and seminars, and he has been a teacher at: the Region of Madrid Youth Orchestra, the Galicia Royal Philharmonic Academy, the Spanish National Youth Orchestra, the Oporto Higher Conservatory, Limoges Epsival Festival, Amiens Trumpet Academy, Lieksa Brass Week Festival in Finland, Trumpet Days in Luxembourg, the Lyon Music Higher Conservatory, the Colombia National University at Bogotá, the Hochschule Musik at Karlsruhe, the Trumpet Latin American Academy at Caracas-Venezuela and at the Master’s Degree in Musical  Performance, at the Andalusian International University UNIA. Furthermore, he has been a member of the jury at renowned national and international Trumpet competitions, such as Lieksa in Finland, Colombia National Contest, the IMPE International Competition in Namur- Belgium or the “Juan García Marín”  Contest in Anna-Valencia, the jury of which is presided by him.

As a soloist artist, he develops an important activity together with the organist Roberto Fresco, with whom he recorded a CD, “Luz Barroca” (Baroque Light), comprising Baroque and contemporary works. He played with distinguished trumpet players such as Eric Aubier, Allen Vizzutti, Reinhold Friedrich, Andrei Ikov or Pacho Flores.

In addition, he has an habitual duo with the pianist José Gallego, and together they retrieved and recorded the most important repertoire for trumpet written by Spanish composers of the 20th and 21st centuries. Their first album “Siglo XX Español” (Spanish 20th century) was recorded in 2003, and collects the first recording of works composed by Tomás Bretón, Miguel Yuste, Salvador Brotons, Juan J. Colomer, Josep Prohens, Francisco Zacarés and Tomás García Coronel.

His latest recording is “Gestas de un Don Nadie” (2013), a compilation of works dedicated to him by several composers: Francisco Fort Zacarés, Albert Guinovart, Jose Vicente Egea, José Rafael Pascual Vilaplana, Juanjo Colmer, Antonio Sánchez Pedro and Santiago Báez, on which some recognized musicians as renowned as the soprano Francesca Calero, the trumpet player Francisco “Pacho” Flores or the internationally acclaimed Spanish brass quintet “Luur Metalls” have collaborated.

He was also invited to play in important orchestras among which it’s worth highlighting the Extremadura Symphony Orchestra, the Madrid Symphony Orchestra, Camerata Vivaldi, Reina Sofía Chamber Orchestra, Valencia Classical Orchestra, Ciutat de Palma Orchestra, Region of Murcia Symphony Orchestra, Cadaqués Orchestra, Region of Madrid Orchestra, the Principality of Asturias Symphony Orchestra , etc. And he is the main trumpet in highly regarded orchestras, such as the Cadaqués Orchestra and the Royal Concertgebouw of Amsterdam.

Since 2005, he has been a resident teacher in festivals organised by Spanish Brass Luur Metalls and in the High Performance Academy Ad Libitum, in Ontinyent-Valencia.

Nowadays, he is a trumpet teacher at the Higher School of Music of the Basque country “Musikene” in San Sebastián, an activity that he combines with his work as a soloist artist.

Trumpet Bb Master Titanium gold plated 3/27 copper ML, with Dynasound, MaxiClapper bottom caps and Clapper valve.
Mouthpiece: 1C Stomvi, 1 1/4C Old Style.
Other accessories: bell 27 Belflex and Clapper bottom caps
Trumpet Titán Bb 4 valve edition 1/27 XL copper bell, MaxiClapper bottom caps.
Mouthpiece: Stomvi 1C y 0.8C
Trumpet Master C Titanium gold plated 1/25 copper L, with Dynasound, MaxiClapper bottom caps and Clapper valve.
Mouthpiece: 1C Stomvi y 1 1/4C Old Style.
Other accessories: bell 25 Belflex and Clapper bottom caps
Trumpet Titán C 4 valve edition 1/27 XL copper bell, MaxiClapper bottom caps.
Mouthpiece: Stomvi 1C y 0.8C
Trumpet Titán C rotary silver plated, 5 copper L, MaxiClapper bottom caps
Mouthpiece: 1C Stomvi, 1 1/4C Old Style 
Other accessories: Belflex bell and Clapper bottom caps
Trumpet Eb/D Master gold plated, 20/20 copper M, with Dynasound, Clapper bottom caps, Clapper valve.
Mouthpiece: 1C Stomvi,
Other accessories: 20 Belflex bell and 20 Silver
Trumpet Titán Eb/D 4 valve edition standard leadpipe, 20 Big Bell copper 
Mouthpiece: Stomvi 1C and 2C
Cornet Titán Bb brass Bellflex bell, with Dynasound, Clapper bottom caps, Clapper valve, trigger 1st and 3rd slides.
Mouthpiece: 1C Corn and 2C Corn Stomvi
Cornet Titán Eb 4 valve edition leadpipes 8/9A, 20 Big Bel bellflex
Mouthpiece: Stomvi 2C
Piccolo Titán Brandemburgo silver plated 8/9A copper M, with Dynasound, Clapper and MaxiClapper bottom caps, Clapper valve, trigger 1st slide.
Mouthpiece: 7PEBR (28/ -2)
Flugelhorn Titán 4 valve edition silver plated 3 copper M, Bell Solid, Dynasound, MaxiClapper bottom caps, trigger 1st slide.
Mouthpiece: 1CFL y 1AFL
Other accessories
4 Stomvi mouthpieces pouches 
Quad case 4 trumpets
2 trumpets Stomvi case
Stomvi Professional trumpet case
Mutes: Straigh RM, Cup brass, RM and brass practice mutes

"Stomvi trumpets gave me the personality that I always wanted in my sound. These instruments are very versatile and helped me to get a great range of colours details. This allows me to perform every piece in a much deeper way.
The Master and Titán models offer plenty of possibilities and combinations. All my instruments are standard, although I always try the new products that Stomvi offers, adapting a lot of them to what I already have.
Now, with the 4 valve trumpets, I am discovering a new way to play, not only because of the range, but also because of the sound.
As a performer is a real luxury to have the trumpet builder so close to home. They make me improve as a musician and I feel better and better with them."
Luis González