boquilla classic fija stomviModel #8210

The one piece mouthpiece is the most traditional of all our catalog, available for trumpet, cornet, piccolo, flugelhorn and trombone.

boquilla classic 2 3P stomviModel #8205

The 2 pieces mouthpiece allows using the rim in several mouthpieces maintaining the same embouchure.

boquilla classic 2 3P stomviModel #8200

The 3 pieces mouthpiece was created with the idea of ​​being able to keep the same rim and therefore the same mouth, and be able to change the cup and tail for different sound results. Available for trumpet, cornet, piccolo and flugelhorn.

estuche combi system trompeta stomviModel #8000

The Combi System for trumpet consists of:

  • One rim, available in many different sizes
  • Seven cups of different depths, matched perfectly to the chosen rim
  • One trumpet underpart
  • One piccolo/cornet or one flugelhorn underpart - your choice

boquilla classic metacrilato stomviModel #8225

Mouthpiece with the same technical characteristics as the one piece mouthpiece but built in methacrylate.

boquilla classic correctora stomviModel #8210-**-COR One piece mouthpiece corrective rim
Model #8205-COR Two pieces mouthpiece corrective rim
Model #8200-COR Three pieces mouthpiece corrective rim

For people with problems on the lips or poor placement relative to the mouthpiece.

boquilla classic estudio stomviModel #9615

The Stomvi practice mouthpiece provides, thanks to its unique design, a wide view of lips that, along with the possibility of using it with the instrument, makes it an essential tool for teachers.

boquilla classic pesada stomviModel #8215

Form trumpet players who seek more sound density,Stomvi has developed a heavy body of mouthpiece with care and balance that lets you maintain a great projection.

boquilla classic superpesada stomviModel #8235

A mouthpiece which doubles the density of a conventional one, for those trumpeters who look for a very compact sound and an extreme fastening. With our exclusive ring design and cup Stomvi Classic.