taller stomvi 3In our factory at Xirivella you can see the most sophisticated technology together with the craftsman hands of men and women precedent from the jewelry manufactory. They impregnate all their knowledge with tender delicacy in the creation of our instruments

The soldiering precision, the perfect slide of the pistons, the exquisite finish where the 24K gold and high quality silver cover the smaller space with the help of the craftsmen produce in they that contemplate them the need to stroke them, make them theirs, and hope to extract the soul that they have inside.

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STOMVI organizes guided visits through its premises, which are very useful to get first-hand knowledge of the complex manufacturing production process of the handmade STOMVI instruments and to understand their exclusivity.

With the same technological, artisan and human means, in the section REPARABRASS by STOMVI we repair trumpets, trombones, horns and tubas of any brand, we restore old instruments and we update trombones of different brands with the innovative Titán valve. The value for money is especially good.

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