funda 4 trompetas stomvi 3Model #BG10719

High comfort and protection polymer case for 4 trumpets or 2 trumpets and flugelhorn.

Measuring 23” wide, 15” tall and 7.5” deep, it features a hard polymer shell with foam interior, backpack and shoulder straps, adjustable interior partitions, and includes 2 music pockets.

It will fit 4 standard length trumpets or a combination of C, Bb, piccolo, and D/Eb. It can also be configured to hold one standard large trumpet, a flugelhorn with a bell diameter up to 6.6 inches and a piccolo trumpet in a rather compact safe hard shell case.

It will fit in the overhead on large aircraft. On smaller aircraft it will most likely need to be gate checked.

funda 4 trompetas stomvi 1funda 4 trompetas stomvi 2
In this video of our colleagues from Stomvi USA you will see all the possibilities offered by this case: