stomvi titan BF valve alto tromboneBellflex: Model #TB5750 (lacquered) / Model #TB5752 (Silver Plated)
Gold brass: Model #TB5754 (lacquered) / Model #TB5755 (Silver Plated)
Copper: Model #TB5751 (lacquered) / Model #TB5753 (Silver Plated)

Technical Specifications:
Bore: 0.5" / 12,7 mm
Bell diameter: 7" / 177,8 mm 
Bell material: Bellflex, Gold Brass or Copper
Small shank leadpipe
Inner slide: Chromed nickel silver
Outer slide: lacquered or silver plated brass
Acces to slide stopper with detachable system

Rotary valve developed by Stomvi's research and design team

Following our line of constant progress, we have developed a new model in the Stomvi range of trombones: The Titán Alto Eb/Bb trombone.

As in its predecessors, comfort for the performer is one of the main goals; Thanks to the valve, the expansion of resources and registers, it is the perfect complement for the trombone player. 

Stomvi's Research and Development Department has managed to provide the instrument with a sound homogeneity in all registers, with and without the valve.

Again Stomvi at the forefront of brass instruments.

  m stomvi titan BF valve alto trombone m stomvi titan GB valve alto trombone me stomvi titan C valve alto trombone me stomvi titan S valve alto trombone

      trombon alto tpst stomvi 1 trombon alto tpst stomvi 2 trombon alto tpst stomvi 3