Bb VRII silver trumpet stomviModel #5360-II

Technical Specifications:
Bore: PB
Bell: VRII Bellflex
Leadpipe: VRII
Gold trim kit
Finish: silver plated 1000 thousandth
Gold plated finish upon request

The Stomvi VRII trumpet has an advanced design that makes it much easier to play.  The VRII Bellflex alloy bell adds a resonant tone capable of many colors.  This enables different sounds rich in variety: from sweet and gentle tones to the most powerful and dynamic ones
The varied bore sizes adapt the air column resulting in exceptional intonation, enhanced harmonics, and a fast and smooth response, specially in the high register.

The Stomvi VRII trumpet is particularly suitable for amplified music, Commercial Music and Jazz.

Stomvi VRII Trompeta Sib