One of the basics on the Stomvi’s philosophy is the constant search of the technical advances that allow us to make our instruments more humane. Ease, ergonomics and sound are our goals and we dedicate them all technical and human resources at our disposal, carrying out a development alternative to tradition.
In the next days, we would like to share with you some of the technical improvements that we implemented in our instruments so that you get to know us a little bit better. We hope you like it!


They have more than 30 innovations that we will tell you in detail in next entries.

  • Screw caps

tapas enroscables trompa stomvi titan nucleo

The rotors caps used by every French horn maker are welded and adjusted to the core. The problem that this fact represents is that due to the constant use and over time, some misadjusts and wearing very difficult to repair will be produced.

On the contrary, our rotor caps from the TITAN model are screwed, what allow us to access the core relatively easily and change the ball bearings when needed. (This operation must be done by a technician)

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