One of the basics on the Stomvi’s philosophy is the constant search of the technical advances that allow us to make our instruments more humane. Ease, ergonomics and sound are our goals and we dedicate them all technical and human resources at our disposal, carrying out a development alternative to tradition.

In the next days, we would like to share with you some of the technical improvements that we implemented in our instruments so that you get to know us a little bit better. We hope you like it!


They have more than 30 innovations that we will tell you in detail in next entries.

Today, we are going to show you some examples of the technical improvement in our french horns, meant to make its playing more comfortable.

  • As we told in a previous post, the Stomvi rotor core includes a double ball bearing that, beside avoiding clearances and wearing, is prepared to hold a lot of rpm, increasing the useful life of the mechanism. See news
Furthermore, we add these elements with the same purpose:

  • Oil dispenser in the mechanism. The rotor has a hole that acts as a dispenser, making easier for the oil to get inside.

dosificador aceite rotores trompas stomvi
  • Adjustable hook and thumb key
 ditero palanca ajustables trompas stomvi

  • Studied ergonomics to perform with a more natural body position, giving a more compact look to the instrument. We do it thanks to the general inclination of the instrument: hook, leadpipe, bell pipe, etc. The tuning slides are also angled so that is easier cleaned and as a Stomvi exclusive corporative image.

Trompa stomvi Titan Seis cobre

  • Triple entry threads screw. It allows you to screw and unscrew much faster. View complete post

  • Adjustable double hole change valve, allowing a faster switch

transpositor doble agujero trompas stomvi

  • Hexagonal lid in the water key. Easily disassemble since it doesn’t slip son much

 aguero hexagonal trompas stomvi

  • Possibility of incorporating a leadpipe with adjustable GAP.
gap regulable opcional trompas stomvi


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