We have been trying for more than 35 years to find the purely idyllic and our efforts, unfortunately, have not given the desired result; we look for the "PERFECTION", we know that it exists but something prevents us from achieving it, we believe in work that is conscientiously well done, we reject chance and distrust the lack of good luck.

Might be our desire to find it that makes us rush? Or maybe the Peter Pan that we all carry within us drags us into that "Neverland", where everything is possible but nothing is feasible? Maybe, but let us dream, let us continue to pursue our desires.

We believe we have made progress in achieving the elimination of stale, dusty and outdated ways of making music. We believe we are on the road, every time we intuit less prejudices. That's maybe the sign !!

STOMVI FUTURE IS HERE 3Toast with us for what we have achieved and wish with enthusiasm what the future has prepared for us. We are not going to be tempted to think that we are one step away from Perfection, but we are aware of the path taken to reach it.

We need all of you who make up this great STOMVI family and with you, the probability of reaching the "dream" that began in 1984, will grow bigger and bigger.

Eduardo Martínez, Stomvi Commercial Director