Trumpet Professor and Master's supervisor of Jilin University of Arts

Qian Tong is Trumpet professor and Master's supervisor of Jilin University of Arts. He is Chairman of the China Democratic League Jilin University of Arts, as well as a member of the Changchun Municipal Party Committee and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and Council Member of the Municipal Association of Intellectuals. He also serves as director of the Changchun Golden Horn Trumpet Ensemble. Additionally, he currently holds the following positions: Member of the ITG International Trumpet Association, Director of the Chinese Wind Music Society, Executive Director of China Trumpet Federation, President of the Jilin Province Branch, Vice President of the Northeast Trumpet Federation, Director of the Jilin Province Music Association, and Vice President of the Jilin Province Wind Music Society Chang, China Philharmonic Network artist, and so on.

He planned and organized numerous international trumpet academic exchange activities such as the Central Conservatory of Music, the Chinese Symphony Orchestra, the Lyon National Conservatory of Music, the Conservatory of the University of Southern California, and the Tokyo University of the Arts. He served as a judge at major events such as China International Trumpet Art Week and National Trumpet Exhibition, Asia Pacific International Trumpet Exhibition, Jinbao International Music Festival Trumpet Grand Prix and National Wind Music Online Competition. He has also trained numerous students who have repeatedly won awards at the national trumpet contests, some of whom have even become the business backbones at major universities in Jilin Province.